Waverly Hills Sanatorium

One of Americas most haunted locations is arguably Waverly Hills Sanatorium with numerous reports of paranormal activity. You just have to look at the building to start getting a sense of someone looking at you, its as if Waverly Hills was planned and built for a movie or TV show – but nope, its real and the horrifying stories are all real too.

Waverly Hills is located in Louisville Jefferson, Kentucky and opened its doors in 1910. The reason for the hospital being built was because like most of America Jefferson was in the middle of a Tuberculosis outbreak as its existing infrastructure wasn’t suitable for the numbers of patients. Originally Waverly Hills was just big enough to treat 50 patients and the building was a 2 story wooden structure. The building we all know as Waverly Hills was opened in 1924 due to increasing repairs and the requirement of a larger hospital.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunting

Waverly Hills like a lot of older building looks intimidating and it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie, but is it actually haunted? Well the locals and paranormal community seem to think it is. There are a lot of different stories and reports about Waverly Hills and we have some of the best stories below.

Room 502

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Room 502One of the really infamous reports is about room 502, there have been a lot of reported activity in and around the room. One of the suspected reasons for room 502 being haunted is that a nurse, Mary Hillenburg, was actually found hanged in the door way of room 502 in 1928. The hanging was considered to be a suicide as she had become pregnant and wasn’t married at the time. There is a rumor that a owner of the hospital was the father, but he was already married. Further to that the story goes that he tried to abort the child but killed Mary by accident and in an attempt to cover his tracks made it look like she had hanged herself.

In 1932 it was reported that another nurse took her own life by jumping from the window of the room she worked in, room 502. There was no suggestions for why she killed herself but there was a rumor someone had in fact pushed her from the window.

The Body Chute

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located at the top of a hill and for ease of getting supplies into the building a tunnel was build which lead to train tracks. During the Tuberculosis outbreak though this tunnel was used to transport the bodies of dead patients out of the hospital. It sounds terrible that any hospital would even consider this but with the amounts of Tuberculosis related deaths increasing patients were originally able to see and watch dead bodies leave the hospital. This lead to high levels of depression and anxiety which in turn made the death rates increase. So in a big to help patients mental health the hospital decided to transport bodies whereby patients were unable to see them.

This tunnel became known as the Waverly Hills body chute. The tunnel is said to be haunted with reports telling of shadows, voices and noises coming from the tunnel. There are many photos taken in the tunnel its self which show both unexplained shadows and spirit orbs.



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