The historic Colorado hotel, The Stanley Hotel, is known to be haunted and inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining. On this day, it serves at backdrop for a wedding.

Built at the start of the 1900s by Freelan Oscar Stanley, the Stanley Hotel would become both an iconic hotel for movie fans and paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Stanley moved to Colorado in 1903 with his wife Flora because his doctor had instructed him to get fresher mountain air for the tuberculosis that he was suffering from. He had been given only 6 months to live. When Stanley moved to the area his health improved.

Real “The Shining” Haunting Story

The Stanley hotel was of course the shooting location for The Shinning and you would be forgiven in thinking that is where the paranormal stories stem from, well they don’t.

Stephen King didn’t actually write the book while staying at The Stanley Hotel, this is a well known misconception, but he did have direct influences from the hotel that he picked up when he stayed at the hotel before. Stephen King has been trying to write a story about a Haunted Amusement park but his close friends who he confided early drafts to told him they didn’t like the story. With this King decided to put that story on the back burner and refocus his attention.

King and his wife, Tabitha, went travelling through the Estes Park and the Rock Mountains when they came across a closed road due to bad weather at the time. While turning back they decided to seek shelter and stayed at The Stanley Hotel. It is said that King experienced some paranormal or strange events when staying there which eventually resulted in writing of The Shinning.

Is The Stanley Hotel Haunted?

Over the years there have been many well known and heavily respected people that have stayed at The Stanley hotel and a lot of these people have also commented on a presence or sighting which they couldn’t explain. Ghosts have been reported to walk the halls and even haunt specific rooms, one ghost in particular is the ghost of Freelan Oscar Stanley himself! It has been reported that his ghost has been seen walking around the lobby and Billiard rooms, these happened to be his favourite rooms when he was living.

Freelan Oscar Stanley has also been seen walking through the bar and walking straight into the kitchen before disappearing.

Flora Stanley’s ghost has also been sighted often in The Stanley hotel. When she was living she would spend time entertaining hotel guests in the ballroom by playing piano for them – apparently to this day you can see her in the room and playing piano, not to mention a few reports of the piano actually being played!

The Stanley Hotel is clearly not just any old haunted place in america, it has history, paranormal stories and even photos of ghosts.

Which Hotel Rooms Are Haunted?

There are a few guest rooms throughout the hotel which have been reported to be haunted, one being room 407. Lord Dunraven is a ghost which has been reported on more than one occasion. It is said that he stands in the corner of room 407 closest to the bathroom and occasionally the lights will turn on and off.

The room with the most amount of paranormal activity is arguably room 418. According to reports the ghosts within that room are mostly children. The hotel cleaning staff have been known to report strange sounds coming from the room when it was known to be empty and imprints of someone laying on or in the bed when no one had stayed in the bed the night before. Many of the rooms guests have commented on the sound of children playing at night and some have even complained about the noise only to find out there are in fact no children in the hotel at the time.

There is a story about the room Stephen King stayed in, room 217. The room had a horrific accident around 1911 whereby the house keeper, Elizabeth Wilson was almost killed becuase of a gas leak explosion in that very room. She did survive the accident. Since the passing of Elizabeth Wilson in the 1950s the room  is said to be haunted. Guests have reported and commented on there suitcases being moved, cleaned up or even packed and ready for checking out of the hotel.

The Hotel’s tour guides tell a story of a ghost child being spotted by staff members and some guests, it is said that Stephen King saw this child on the second floor of the hotel. The child was apparently calling for his nanny.

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Picture

There are a lot of reports and paranormal experiences to talk about with regards to The Stanley Hotel but one of the stories comes with a photo. A tourist was on the ghost tour of the hotel and while taking photos of the outside of the hotel snapped the photo below. Knowing of the connection between the ghost reports and children on the hotel the:

“The room number is 1211. Last Friday, there was a single man checked in that room who was part of a business conference. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a child with him, but it is unlikely that he did.”

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Proof

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Proof?



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